Residents of the Town of Spring Brook currently utilize services and facilities needed to support this rural agricultural township.  Their concerns about safety, health, mobility, education, and recreation are met, for the most part, by existing local and area services and infrastructure.

            Community facilities cover a wide range of services but generally they fit into one of the following categories; health and safety (fire, ambulance, police etc.) educational (school districts) and political (voting districts, incorporated villages, unincorporated villages, sanitary districts, etc.)  This element examines the services that allow current residents to enjoy a high quality of life and make the Town of Spring Brook attractive to potential new residents.

Basic Objectives

The intent of this element is to provide information on the facilities and services currently available to the Township.  This information will help determine whether additional facilities and services are needed to maintain the high quality of life the community desires.  The structure and content of this element is based on the following objectives:

  • Identify and describe the range of community services currently provided in the Township.
  • Identify the capacity of community services currently provided.
  • Identify and describe the range of public facilities currently provided in the Township.
  • Identify what public facilities need to be expanded.


Selected Survey Results

According to the responses to the first survey sent by the Town of Spring Brook, a large majority of residents feel we do not need more or expanded green spaces or public lands.



Strongly Disagree




No Response

25. More parks, recreational areas and green spaces are needed in the Town of Spring Brook.






26. I would be willing to pay taxes to expand or improve public lands in the Town of Spring Brook.







Water Facilities

There is no public water system within the Township.  Residents get potable water from private wells.  The nearest public water systems are in the City of Menomonie. There are no community or shared wells in the Town of Spring Brook.


Wastewater Facilities

There is no public sanitary sewer system within the Township.  The sanitary sewer needs of residents are met through private septic systems. 



Storm Water Management Facilities

A storm sewer system is not available in the Town of Spring Brook.  Storm water is dispersed using the natural contours of the land in most sections of the township. Drainage flowing down local creeks eventually enters the Chippewa River.  Where roads and other construction have disturbed the terrain, ditches, culverts and bridges are used to allow continued drainage.  These facilities have been constructed following state and county specifications. 


Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling

The Town of Spring Brook is a member of the Dunn County Solid Waste and Recycling Program. The County issues a solid waste permit to each household receiving tax statements in the township.  The permit is required to use the solid waste disposal facilities.  There are a total of nine facilities throughout the county. It is a fee-based program and as a member, the residents of the town have access to all of the county facilities. The closest facilities for Town of Spring Brook residents are the Elk Mound Area collection site located on 570th Avenue in the Village of Elk Mound or the Town of Rock Creek collection site located on 880th Street in the Town of Rock Creek.  As of the summer of 2005 the following services are available:

            A maximum of 99 gallons of household waste may be disposed of per visit without additional fees.  Large or bulky objects being disposed of will likely require an additional fee charged at the time of disposal.  A fee schedule can be found in the Dunn County Solid Waste and Recycling Guide that is issued annually with the Town of Spring Brook tax statement.  Burning of garbage is illegal in Dunn County.

Metal objects, even large items, can be disposed of at no additional charge if they meet the requirements.  There are recycling bins for certain plastics, tin cans, glass (must be separated by color), aluminum cans, corrugated paper, and newspaper.  There is also a facility for collecting used motor oil. 

For more information, please refer to the Dunn County Solid Waste/Recycling Guide that is provided along with the annual Town of Spring Brook tax statement or contact the Dunn County Solid Waste Division.


Recreation Facilities (Points of Interest map for location)

1.      The Elk Meadow 4H club maintains a softball diamond on 930th Ave. between County Highway H and 270th Ave.

2.      There is a public boat landing on the north side of the Chippewa River on County Highway H.

3.      There is a public boat landing on the north side of the Chippewa River on 200th Ave.

4.      There is a public boat landing, swimming and picnic area on 1000th St. (Lakeshore Drive) on the north side of Elk Creek Lake maintained by the Town of Spring Brook.

5.      The Muddy Creek Public Hunting land is located in sections 5 and 6 of township 27N, range 11W.

6.      There is DNR land in section 10 of township 26N, range 12W.

7.      Zielie Park is located by the Elk Creek Lake dam.


Library Services

There are four public libraries in Dunn County; Boyceville, Colfax, Menomonie, and Sand Creek. Dunn County is a member of Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) a multi-county system which provides library services to all residents within the system. The service includes full access to public libraries participating in the system as well as books by mail and a bookmobile. As members of IFLS the four libraries have access to library consultants who provide information services such as reference, interlibrary loan service, and support for children’s services and services for special needs. All four libraries are governed by municipal boards that meet monthly and are appointed by their municipality. The closest public libraries available to Spring Brook residents are located in the City of Menomonie and the City of Eau Claire.

There is an online catalog of all the books available through the system.  The MORE Library System has a website, or information is available by phoning any of the participating libraries for more information.

IFLS operates the Library Books-By-Mail (LBBM) program which loans paperback books, in both regular and large print formats, to people living within the Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) area who have difficulty getting to or using a public library. Books are listed in catalogs and booklists and are loaned through the mail with their return postage included. 


Police Services

The Dunn County Sheriff's Department provides public safety services to the Township as part of their overall protection responsibility for the county.  These services include 24-hour law enforcement, process service, court security, and jail facilities.

The numbers of personnel given are as of winter 2003-2004.  The Department is divided into several divisions.  One of the largest is the Patrol Division, which includes 11 patrol deputies, 3 patrol sergeants, and one patrol lieutenant.  This group provides field services throughout the county.  While on patrol they provide security checks and enforcement of traffic and criminal law and strive to keep the peace.  Each officer is provided a home-based squad car so they can be called on for backup and to handle emergencies in their area.  Other divisions in the Department include: 

  • Jail – has 18 jailers, 4 jail sergeants, 1 jail administrator
  • Investigations/ Community Services – has 4 officers
  • Support services – has 4 secretaries, 1 court officer
  • Court Security – has 1 deputy
  • Civil Process – has 1 deputy
  • Reserve Division – has 20-24 reserves


Fire Protection

The Menomonie Fire Department provides protection for the portion of the Town of Spring Brook west of Muddy Creek (generally west of 790th Street) (see Fire Service/Emergency Services map).

As of 2005 27 full-time members, plus a Chief, staff the Menomonie Fire Department.  It operates as three crews, each made of 9 members.  In addition, twenty paid on-call volunteers are available to the Department.  The initial response to fire calls from township areas includes two engines, two tanker trucks, and a medical unit.  The department also has two brush trucks for grass and woods fires.   There are 7,300 gallons of water available for initial response.  Irrigation wells are available for additional emergency water.  The Menomonie Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with fire departments in Colfax, Durand, Elk Mound, Rock Creek and township fire departments in Western Eau Claire County.

The Elk Mound Volunteer Fire Department provides protection for the portion of the Town of Spring Brook east of Muddy Creek (generally east of 790th Street) see map in Appendix E.



Emergency Medical Services

Several groups provide emergency medical services to the township.  These include a full-time ambulance services from Menomonie and Eau Claire, and the Mayo 1 helicopter.  Which ambulance service responds to a call depends on the location in the Town of Spring Brook from where the call is made (see map in Appendix E).

The Menomonie ambulance service has 3 ambulances and a full-time staff of 27 individuals.  The service is dispatched by calling 911. 

The City and County of Eau Claire have both private and public ambulance services.  These services are also dispatched by calling 911.

The Dunn County Medical Emergency 1st Responders respond to medical emergencies including sickness, accidents, assaults, etc on a 24 hour basis.  These trained and equipped responders come not only from Spring Brook Township but also from the surrounding townships of Menomonie, Weston, Eau Galle, and Dunn.  The service is activated by calling 911 and the responders are contacted by pagers.

In addition to these services many of the deputies in the County Sheriff's Department are trained and equipped with defibrillators.


Municipal Buildings

The Town of Spring Brook has a building on 810th Street that contains an office, a meeting room with some kitchen facilities and a maintenance shop.


Electrical and Petroleum Products Transmission


Electric Utilities

The Town of Spring Brook has three suppliers of electrical power; Dunn Energy Cooperative, Eau Claire Energy Cooperative and Xcel Energy.  All providers indicate they have the facilities to maintain adequate services as the area grows.


Petroleum Products Pipeline

Williams Pipeline maintains an underground petroleum products pipeline that runs east and west through the northern part of the Town of Spring Brook



Xcel Energy maintains a 375 KVA electrical power line that runs east and west through the northern part of the Town of Spring Brook.

Dairyland Power maintains a 99 KVA electrical power line.

Non-Transportation Fuels

The Town of Spring Brook is served by a wide variety of dealers who provide propane and fuel oil for heating.  Some households use wood burning systems for primary or supplementary heating.  In some cases wood pellets or corn are used as heating fuel.  There is no natural gas supplier to the Town of Spring Brook.


Local and Long Distance Telephone Providers, Internet, and DSL

Diggers Hotline locates buried utility lines in the Township for the various utilities.  Their telephone number is 1-800-242-8511 or 1-800-542-2289.

West Wisconsin Telecom Cooperative and SBC Ameritech provide local telephone lines in the Township.  Long distance service is available from AT & T, MCI, and other communications companies.  Cellular phone service is available from a number of different companies.

Cable television is available in a very limited area of the Township.  At the time that this document is being written West Wisconsin Telcom is installing equipment that will give their customers access to DSL service in most areas except for the far western part of the township.


Health Care Facilities

Town of Spring Brook residents have ready access to health care in Menomonie and Eau Claire, including the Red Cedar Medical Center, the Marshfield Clinic, the Midlefort Clinic, and the Oak Leaf Medical Network in Eau Claire.  These facilities are associated with a health network that provides extensive referral services.  In addition, services are available from a number of other specialized health care providers including dental, chiropractic, optometry, and alternative health care approaches.

In Menomonie the Red Cedar Medical Center is the largest of the facilities and provides both clinic and hospital care.  Independent physicians and visiting specialists from the Mayo Clinic provide extensive services through the clinic.  The Myrtle Werth Hospital is licensed for 55 beds and houses a critical care unit and a birthing center.  Emergency care is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Luther Hospital in Eau Claire is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic of Rochester and the Midelfort Clinic in Eau Claire.  It is licensed for 304 beds and has over 800 employees including about 225 registered nurses.  Services include Emergency Care, ICU, Psychiatric Care, Inhalation Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Dietitians.* 

Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire is an Affiliate of the Hospital Sisters Health System.  It is now a 344 bed acute care, regional medical facility providing basic and specialty services for both inpatients and outpatients. Medical services at Sacred Heart Hospital are focused in the following areas: prevention, injury and illness treatment and employee health management. Specialties include: Cardiology, Neurology, Women's Health, Behavioral Health, Rehabilitation, Emergency Services, Occupational Medicine, Pediatrics, Critical Care Services and Orthopedics.

It has 485 employees including about 160 registered nurses and 30 licensed practical/vocational nurses.

* Information Source:  http://www.sacredhearthospital-ec.org/

Information Source: http://www.hospital-data.com/hospitals/SACRED-HEART-HOSPITAL-EAU-CLAIRE.html


Child Care Facilities

A number of licensed childcare facilities are available in the area.  These range from day care providers approved to offer care in their own homes to larger group centers.    These facilities provide care ranging from infants to children age 12.

Five licensed group centers for up to 20 children are operating in the City of Menomonie.  Over twenty licensed in-home centers for four (4) to eight (8) children are listed with Menomonie addresses.  A few certified day care providers for no more than three children are also listed in the area.  In addition, there are licensed or certified care facilities listed with Elk Mound, Elmwood, or Eau Galle addresses. 

Information on current childcare facilities is available from the Dunn County Human Services Day Care Coordinator.


Elder Care Facilities

Chippewa County:  The Chippewa County Department of Aging, in Chippewa Falls has a listing of available adult day care.

Dunn County: The Dunn County Office on Aging, in Menomonie, will give agency referrals.*

Eau Claire County: The Eau Claire County Department on Aging, in the City of Eau Claire, has a listing of available adult day care and care-giver resources.

*Information Source: http://www.cvol.net/theanswer/PDFs-2003/Answer-Web_30.pdf


Cemeteries (See Points of Interest map for location)

There are nine public or private cemeteries in the Town of Spring Brook. 

1.         Spring Brook

2.         Sand Hill                    

3.         Fall City                     

4.         Forest Center

5.         St. John Lutheran     

6.         Spring Brook Methodist      

7.         St. Joseph Catholic             

8.         Waneka

9.         Sneen

The Town of Spring Brook maintains only the Sand Hill Cemetery.




Private and Religious schools

There are numerous religious schools and some private schools and academies in Menomonie, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls and the surrounding area.  There are also some private commercial schools designed to offer targeted individualized help for primary and secondary school students.


Charter Schools

Charter schools in the area include Health Occupations Charter School, McKinley Charter School, Montessori Charter School, and Technology Charter School in the Eau Claire School District, and Lucas Charter School in the Menomonie School District. 


Public Schools

The Town of Spring Brook is primarily served by the Elk Mound School District on the east side and the Menomonie School District on the west side.  See School Districts map in Appendix E for location for the approximate district boundaries.  The school district offices should be contacted to determine in which district a specific address is located.

The Elk Mound School District offers kindergarten through high school in the Village of Elk Mound.  In 2003 it was estimated that there were 374 elementary school, 251 middle school and 277 high school students enrolled. 

For the 2003-2004 school term the Menomonie School District operates elementary schools in Cedar Falls, Downsville, Knapp, Oaklawn, River Heights, and Wakanda, with a total of about 1000 students.  The Menomonie Middle School is located on the east side of town and has approximately 800 students.  The Menomonie High School has about 1200 students.

The township is part of the Chippewa Valley Technical College District.  There are campuses in Menomonie, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.  It offers several associate degree and technical diploma programs. 

Other higher education degree programs are available from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire and Lakeland College in Chippewa Falls.   All are within commuting distance.  Cardinal Stritch University, with campuses in Milwaukee, WI and Edina, MN, also holds some classes in Eau Claire.


Future Needs

All of the utility and community facilities inventoried have been analyzed for future expansion of services.  The analyses reveal that none of the utility providers are at or near capacity and that none have plans to create new or expanded facilities within the Town.