Here is a list of Town of Spring Brook Ordinances. More will be added in the near future.

Land Division

Burning Permit Ordinance (PDF file)

Alcohol Control Ordinance

The Town of Spring Brook of Dunn County, Wisconsin, adopted Ordinance 2017.01 "Alcohol Control Ordinance" at its January 9, 2017, Regular Town Board Meeting, taking effect upon publication of January 15, 2017.  The ordinance prohibits the licensing or permitting and the sale of alcoholic and/or fermented malt beverages in the Town of Spring Brook.  The full ordinance is available by contacting the Town Clerk at 715-664-8545.
Mary L. Strand, Clerk                    Posted January 13, 2017
Town of Spring Brook                    Published January 15, 2017

ATV/UTV Ordinance - Amendment 2018-01
The Town of Spring Brook, Dunn County, adopted Amendment 2018-01 regarding "Ordinance Establishing Designation and Regulation of All-Terrain Vehicle Routes" at its April 9, 2018, Regular Town Board Meeting.  This amendment, on a trial basis through January 31, 2019, allows landowners additional use and also allows the addition of 1010th Street as an established route.  The amendment, in its entirety, has been posted and is available by contacting the Town of Spring Brook Clerk.
Mary L. Strand, Clerk
Town of Spring Brook
Posted online 4-21-2018